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Truly a who’s who: The Rock Star Line-Up for the Fall 2012 SMC SalesCamp

Meredith Oliver, CSP, MIRM The eMarketing Rock Star Meredith, also known as The Digital Diva, teaches salespeople and business owners how to click! She is a professional speaker, author, and founder of Creating WOW Communications; a full-service web marketing and

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could read the minds of your prospective buyers? Check out this video of our guest speaker and body language expert Janine Driver on the Today show. While ESP may not be the topic of

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Peter Franchot

After much technical voodoo, the video of Peter Franchot at SMC SalesCamp is now available!

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A Great Day


Thanks everyone, organizers, speakers, and attendees, for their support of SMC SalesCamp. The day was attended by over 200 professionals, and energy in the room was fantastic. Over the next week, the speakers’ presentations, and the video recording of those

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SalesCamp Registrations Are Rolling In!


With less than 5 weeks remaining to register for the SMC SalesCamp on March 9, over 100 real estate professionals have already registered to attend this half day event! Attendees so far seem to cover just about every real estate

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SMC Salescamp 2014 Countdown