SMC Announces its Summer Happy Hour

Just as things are starting to heat up in the real estate market, so too, is HBAM’s Sales and Marketing Council’s events calendar.

With the SMC MAX Awards just a little more than a week away (May 17) the council looks to the summer and its next event, the SMC Summer Happy Hour. (In previous years, this event was named the Spring Gala, however this event is neither in the spring nor is it a gala, so a new name has been given to more accurately depict its nature.)

Great venue for a fun summer happy hour.

So, on June 14 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the entire Sales and Marketing Council will converge on Carson’s Creekside in Middle River to enjoy a lively happy hour on the water. The event is FREE to all SMC members and just $10 for everyone else. Included are FREE parking, FREE appetizers, one FREE drink and lots of great mingling opportunities with your peers. The key word here is FREE!

All MAX Award winners are encouraged to attend too. Attendees definitely want to pick their brains to see how the accomplished their various awards and glean a little insider knowledge to apply to their own jobs. “So just how did you increase your Realtor participation last year?” or “Why did that direct mail piece work so well for you?”

Carson’s Creekside is located at 1110 Beech Drive, Middle River, MD 21220

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