SalesCamp Registrations Are Rolling In!

With less than 5 weeks remaining to register for the SMC SalesCamp on March 9, over 100 real estate professionals have already registered to attend this half day event! Attendees so far seem to cover just about every real estate related interest, from Realtors, mortgage companies, title companies, builders, suppliers, marketing firms and interior merchandisers.

What this broad attendance signals is an interest in the building and real estate industry as a whole and certainly a vested interest in hearing how to improve your business in 2010. All of this will be discussed on March 9. Another benefit of attendance, as many of you have already put together, will be the chance to network with some industry movers and shakers. You will be able to meet some new people and perhaps catch up with some folks you’ve not seen in a while too. Yes, a room filled with sales and marketing people tends to create a resounding buzz, for sure.

If you have co-workers or know of others who might benefit from this session, please make sure to let them know they need to register, as you’ve already done, so that we can accomodate everyone that morning. We want everyone to be comfortable so they can soak in all the information they can in a short amount of time.

Getting excited for March 9 and we can’t wait to see you all!

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SMC Salescamp 2014 Countdown